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Mid-Atlantic Business Group On Health
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MABGH Business Group Pharmacy Collaborative

The Business Group Pharmacy Collaborative
The Power of Partnership: 
  • Leveraging our collective size and power to save you money
  • Delivering long term savings through effective member engagement
  • A partner we can trust- fully aligned with our goals

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The MidAtlantic Business Group on Health has negotiated a National Pharmacy Benefit partnership with Express Scripts.  Representing the interests of Coalitions across the country, MABGH in now the lead Coalition for the National Business Coalition on Health.   We call this arrangement the Business Group Pharmacy Collaborative.  On behalf of our members and other coalitions, we asked an important question:

What do our purchaser members want?

  • Pricing  We have negotiated aggressive terms that will stay one step ahead of the market.
  • Trust  The unique Express Scripts business model ensures that their incentives are aligned with our interests
  • A positive sales experience  Express Scripts' extensive on-the-ground sales and account management force assures HR/member satisfaction.
  • Ongoing support that makes the most of each pharmacy dollar  Express Scripts has been recognized for its excellence in research.  The Express Scripts professionals help purchasers apply this knowledge to better cost management, and better consumer choices. 
  • Regulatory compliance  The Pharmacy Collaborative's partnership with the Institute for Integrated Healthcare assures that we remain current: legally and contractually. 

MABGH and ESI are working together to enable better health and value, one consumer at a time. 

For more information, and a pricing comparison, contact:

Sumner Charles
Strategic Relations Director
Express Scripts, Inc.
314.692.1932- Direct

John R Miller
Executive Director
MidAtlantic Business Group on Health

As Coalitions working together with our employer members, we can achieve better health and value, one consumer at a time. 
About Express Scripts (

Founded in 1986 and never owned by a drug manufacturer or retail pharmacy, Express Scripts aligns its interests with those of plan sponsors and their members. This legacy of independence means that the company's programs and original research on the pharmacy benefit serve only its clients and nobody else.
In keeping with the philosophy of Value-Based Purchasing, Express Scripts drives to lowest net cost by enabling better health and value at the consumer level. For example, Express Scripts' generic dispensing rate leads the industry.  In support of this effort, Express Scripts has launched The Center for Cost-Effective Consumerism. The Center and its Advisory Board provide forward thinking and key insights to drive better health and value in the pharmacy benefit. The Advisory Board includes nationally recognized experts in the science of human behavior and decision making.
By combining insights from the Center with Express Scripts' proven ability to develop, test, and implement industry-leading programs, we provide the greatest opportunity to encourage smarter prescription-drug choices and achieve the lowest total plan cost.

Industry Research
In our effort to make prescription drugs safer and more affordable, Express Scripts has been recognized for its excellence in research. Within this section you have the freedom to access information pertaining to the pharmaceutical industry as well as research conducted by Express Scripts.

Outcomes Conference: Learn about this annual event and how it relates to trends in the pharmaceutical industry.

Industry Reports:  View reports on events that influence the pharmaceutical industry.

Outcomes Research:  Access publications, studies, and presentations developed by Express Scripts' Outcomes Research group.

Formulary Information:  Discover the process of how formularies are created and managed.


MABGH Business Group Pharmacy Collaborative

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