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HealthMapRx™ Pharmacist/Patient Self-Management Initiative

MABGH is the MidAtlantic sponsor of the HealthMapRx™ program which helps employees successfully manage chronic conditions, such as diabetes and cardiovascular conditions, by using community pharmacists for patient counseling.

Program Outcomes:

  • HealthMap Rx has been shown to reduce direct healthcare costs.
  • There are average annual savings of $918 per patient for Diabetes, through fewer hospitalizations and emergency room visits.
  • Participants lower these costly events because of better daily management of this chronic condition, including adherence to medication, and accomplishing clinical and lifestyle goals.

Following is a graphic depiction of how costs shift from medical utilization to preventive medications under HealthMap Rx:

Projected costs

The program also results in healthier employees, with improved productivity and workplace attendance, and fewer out-of-pocket costs.

Key Components:

  • People with chronic diseases are enrolled, and receive personalized coaching from HealthMapRx™ qualified pharmacists to monitor their progress in achieving health and lifestyle goals.
  • Patients have their co-pays for medications related to their chronic condition and supplies (if applicable) waived as an incentive for active program participation.
  • Employers promote the HealthMapRx™ program to eligible participants, provide compensation to pharmacy providers, and pay quarterly fees to APhA Foundation

What can employers do?

  1. Join the P3 Program.
  2. Promote the program to other employers: administrative costs decline as additional lives are added to the program.



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