Hospital Value: How do MidAtlantic Hospitals Measure Up?

January 26, 2024

Hospital quality in our region significantly varies.  For example, did you know that almost 40% of the hospitals in our region only score a "C" or
"D" on the Leapfrog hospital safety Four-Letter rating?  And, that there is not a single hospital with an "A" rating in the District of Columbia?  Is that the best we can do?

The good news is that many of our highest-quality regional hospitals are the most cost effective! Do you know which ones those are?

On January 26 MABGH is hosting an exclusive purchasers-only meeting to start the conversation about how we can understand and improve the value we're
receiving from the hospitals our members are visiting in our region.   This exclusive group limited to 12-15 influential purchasers.


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