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Mid-Atlantic Business Group On Health
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The MidAtlantic Business Group on Health is an association of employer health care purchasers that drives cost-effective healthcare, through value-based purchasing.

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The MidAtlantic Path Forward for Mental Health

Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder are at a crisis point across the country.  Health Plan Members face serious challenges locating in-network Behavioral Health Care Providers, the care they receive may not be measurement-based, and the collaborative care that maximizes outcomes may be missing.  Go to our MidAtlantic Mental Health Path Forward page for how MABGH is addressing these challenges.

 Obesity and Mental Health

During the pandemic, rates of obesity and depression skyrocket.  You may not be aware that people with obesity have a 55% greater risk of depression, and that people who are depressed have a 58% greater risk of becoming obese - and that rates of depression increase as severity of obesity increases!  It's important that BOTH conditions are addressed.

Join us Feb 4 from 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM as we explore the connection between Obesity and Mental Health, the importance of understanding this connection. and the similar challenges in addressing both issues.  


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